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This website aims to spread the message of the Quran by

Enabling the non-Arabic speaking Muslim population, almost 80% of all muslims, to reach the translation of Quran in their own language Worldwide one out of four people accepts that Quran shapes his / her understanding of the meaning of life and forms a base for his / her lifetsyle by saying “i am a muslim”. In spite of this acceptance, few of us “muslims” know what is written in the Quran. To clear this contradiction away, until we learn Arabic, we should at least reach translation of the Quran in our own language and try to understand it. That is why QuranRadio offers translations in 10 different languages. Making it easy to reach Quran and its translations.
Every moment of our temporary life in this world is precious, not to be wasted. At home, at work, at the street; anywhere and anytime that our mind and ear is free to hear and reflect, we can listen to the Quran! That is why QuranRadio is established in a radio format.